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(AKA – THE NIGHT SIDE of THE MOON – REDUX — And the Power of a Good Blow)


I can’t sleep. Can’t. Not “won’t.” Not “choosing not to sleep, because I just have to watch this stunning Moon while I can – this big, plump, juicy looking thing, shining so brightly – because it is so stunning, on display for this half of the world to see. Can’t sleep because I am in pain. Won’t sleep because I have to take in the view right outside my window.

Tonight is the night of the “Supermoon.” The night when it will, to the human eye, look bigger and brighter than ever before. (To be technical, it will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. I mention this towards the end of this blog.) What I think is even crazier? That this won’t happen again for another ….17 years? (That would put us at the year … 2029. I will be…. No. I don’t want to think about how “old” I’ll be. That’s just drama. I will be … fabulous. And gifted. Gifted with each day that will have passed between now and then)

(—-See? See how I turned that bit around? Lol)

But the PAIN.

Oh, go away. Just for a night.

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