10:45 AM



I shouldn’t have slept in till 8 AM.

Even if I can’t see outta my right eye-headache. Even if I only got 4 hours of sleep.


I have a MD appt.

This is a day of firsts. (Ted almost always took me 2 my appts b4.)


I’m starting 2 get rushy.

I’m pushing it timewise.

(Gotta leave @ 1:30)


But, but …I HAVE 2 *bike*!

Other 2 do’s:

Make Bed, put kettle on, call Geri, eat, pay cell bill & c. Card, check messages & emails, prep lunch bag, shower, dress, put Benny’s sweater on, book Groomer 4 Fri.


All in about …2 hrs.


Oh. & call MOM BACK. (that could eat up an hour -gotta wait.)




Gotta call my Sis-in-law re Holiday plans.

…Call Rob M. re Fund, Book Dentist 4 Thurs, call Vet, lamp repair shop, email Kelly re Continental, EMAIL SOS 4 referral 2 Gift Of Sight. Skype Lily. Email Fave Cousin mp3s 4 her surgery prep.






Tears are pouring down my face. PAIN.


I’m insane.


-Maybe I should aim for Decaf, instead of Chai.


(-ya think?!?)


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