29 September, 2012

9:26 PM PST


…Where does the time go?


~Tomorrow is the 1st of October.

Hell~for half the world, the new day, new month, new season have passed, creeping by in the wee small hours of the morning for some, for others, a new dawn, and others yet, sunset: all, already well underway.

October has always been a favorite month of mine.

And not only bc it is autumn, bringing memories of leaves, swirling autumnal hues: pumpkin, cinnamon, burnt sienna, sunflower yellow, auburn, burgundy, custard, canary, goldenrod,mustard, clove, magenta, azure, brick, poppy….


Then too, there is the simple fact that this is the month in which I was born…

I am a child of the Fall: always in transition, colorful, touched by melancholy, enigmatic, fluid, free… my thinking, crisp, my outlook, bright.

I am the child of the Indian Summer and the early Winter Storm.

I am full of the paradox and the duality which define us all, really…

I live with laughter in my heart.

I reside Within & Outside “The Box.”

I have always been piqued by the notion that John Lennon & I share our birthdate: 9 October.

How strange it is; the more birthdays which pass, the faster they seem to come …and to go.

It is too easy to let them pass without incident.

People to do, places to go.

Dontcha know?

But this year, it will not be so.


~This year, I plan to celebrate. I will have a party, inviting my mishmash of LA friends…my teenage buddies, my mentors, my pals from disparate groups… girls, boys, men, women. My team and my family. My home away from home.

And for a change, I will REVEL in the joy that comes with this success: you see, I have survived yet another long year.

And I will revel too because before too long, Winter will be upon us.

And that’s a season (& a story) for another day.




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