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<<World MoyaMoya Day
Hi there,
I do so hope that today brings enlightenment to those who have never heard of this disease and that by doing that strides are made to help you who have it.
Love, me>>

…From Gini Watson (my soon-to-be mother in law):

6 May, 2015

To my family…

This message made my morning. ☀️☀️☀️

Today is World Moyamoya Day.

-I hope that each of you will take a precious moment or two from your busy Wednesday to meditate upon what World Moyamoya Day means to you or someone you know.

I ask that you take a moment to promote awareness through word of mouth and social media, or to
share this (still, mostly) unofficial day in whatever way feels best to you.

…I wear two bracelets each and every day on my left wrist: the first says “B-Cause” and below that, the second says “Stroke Happens.”

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